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Monday, September 16, 2019
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Rice cakes with peanut butter, apple, and bananas

The pros and cons of these 4 protein-packed snacks

Find out the pros and cons of these common protein-packed snacks.
stacks of sugar cubes

Quiz: How much sugar are you actually consuming?

Take this quiz to learn which of your favorite food items have more sugar than others.
empty plate and utensils

Ask the nutritionist: “I skip meals sometimes because my schedule is so busy. Is...

—Jenna, Elgin, IllinoisWhile skipping meals shouldn't become a habit, as long as you usually fuel your body with healthy choices, a few skipped meals here and there isn't likely to cause serious health problems...
Healthy lunch box

How to make healthy food choices at school

Learn how to eat your best during the school year.
Girl eating in front of computer

Ask the nutritionist: “How do you manage a healthy diet when you’re constantly busy?”

—Laura, Fredericton and Saint John, Canada Eating well can feel stressful when juggling multiple priorities like school, studying, socializing, after-school activities, and family. The key is making nourishment a way to support your busy life...
Bowl of veggies

Ask the nutritionist: The best snacks for class to maintain energy levels

"What are the best snacks to take to class to maintain energy levels and provide satiation?"—Tyler, Monmouth, OregonWhy we struggle to snack healthilyWhy is it difficult when we’re on the go to choose nutritious...
An looking at cameravideo

Unique popcorn toppings

%CODE1%Ingredients: 2 slices of bread 2 tbsp peanut butter 1 banana 2 tsp cinnamonDirections:Start by spreading peanut butter on the bread. Peel the banana and slice into little pieces, and place on bread. Spread...